Plant Communication Systems, Explosion Proof Telephone, Weatherproof Teelphone, Flame Proof Telephone, Epabx Systems, Industrial Communication Systems
Plant Communication Systems, Explosion Proof Telephone, Weatherproof Teelphone, Flame Proof Telephone, Epabx Systems, Industrial Communication Systems


PAGE PARTY SYSTEM is a paging system with talk back facility and is mainly used in industrial plants for the following communication functions.

For communication between central control room and field personnel (control room to field communication)
For communication of field personnel with central control room (field to control room communication)
For communication between different field persons / operators (Field to Field communication)

The system architecture comprises of FIELD HANDSET STATIONS / talk back stations (installed at various locations in the plant), PAGING LOUDSPEAKERS (installed at various locations inside the plant) and the CENTRAL PAGING CONTROLLER.

The Field Handset Stations and Field Loudspeakers are: Indoor desk mountable type (for use in indoor areas), Weatherproof IP66 Type (for use in outdoor safe & non-hazardous areas) and Explosion Proof – Flameproof type (for use in outdoor hazardous areas). The user can select the suitable model depending on the plant areas where they are to be deployed.
The use of Control Room Master Control Station (MCS) is purely OPTIONAL. The users can have Page-Party system with or without MCS.



The system provides Multiple PAGE CHANNELS and Multiple PARTY CHANNELS and these channels are used by the users for two-way communication.

Page Channel is used for announcement purpose and to locate the individuals working in different areas in the plant. The loudspeakers of the system are connected onto the page channel. Thus through the use of Page Function – with proper arrangement of loudspeakers – individuals are contacted anywhere within the plant.

Party Channel is used for carrying prolonged conversation in private mode. The field call stations of the system are connected onto party channels. The Party Line function facilitates two or more individuals to converse without getting heard over the loudspeakers.

The system can provide either Single PAGE CHANNEL or Multiple PAGE CHANNELS and Multiple PARTY CHANNELS.
It can offer up to 8 Nos. of Page Channels (i.e. up to 08 paging groups can be formed). The Number of PARTY CHANNELS is unlimited & is equal to number of Field Stations deployed in the system. Due to availability of Multiple Page & Party channels, multiple field operators can carry their independent & simultaneous communication.

Operation of the system is very simple and the connectivity between the users is immediate:

The Calling individual goes to any of his nearest field station, lifts the handset off the station, selects the desired page channel (simply by dialing the access code) and speaks into the handset to broadcast his message. This message (announcement) gets heard over all the loudspeakers of the selected page channel.
On hearing the message (announcement), the called individual goes to any of his nearest field station, lifts the handset and answers the page call (simply by dialing the answer code). On doing so, the two individuals immediately get connected to each other over their respective party lines. The page channel automatically becomes free. This conversation between the two individual (on their party channel) is not heard by any other users or not heard over the system loudspeakers and they both can talk as long as desired. As the Page Channel is free (idle), any other individual can access it to get connected to another individual…and so on.

Key Features:
  • No requirement of AC mains power supply in the field
  • Control room to field communication and vice versa
  • Field to Field communication
  • Instant connectivity between the users within few seconds
  • The user can make Individual Group wise announcements or ALL GROUP announcement
  • Facility to broadcast siren tone over the page channel, from control desk, during emergency
  • The location, quantity and functioning of field station and field loudspeakers are independent and are not interrelated.  
  • Independent functioning & operation of the page channel and party channels of the system
  • Open system to facilitate integration with EPABX system, Fire Alarm system, gas detection system and others
  • Modular in architecture, whereby it is easily to build & is quickly expandable
  • Host of various useful features for Master Control station if used in the system (Like: Digital Display for identifying the calling Field station number & name, single touch Direct station select key for each field station, Busy / Free status LED indication of each Field station, call transfer, call override, Highest paging priority and Emergency siren broadcast facility etc.)
  • Networking of PA systems, in case of multiple such page-party system in the same plant
Key Advantages
  • State of the art technology
  • Software programmable for different communication options, features and system access
  • Simple and economical field cabling
  • Very Cost effective design and hardware
  • Trouble free & Highly reliable system
  • Modular architecture, offering the flexibility to expand and build the system block by block, as and when required.
  • Reduced and easy maintenance
  • High flexibility and Easy adaptability.
  • Minimum downtime, easy system operation and maximum safety.
  • Easy and Quick to expand.
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